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How to tell between V1 & V2 Bittboy?

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

Well you will probably know by now there are 2 revisions of the bittboy V1 & V2 the only difference being is V2 is more user friendly installing the CFW. The way to tell externally is if you press the start & select buttons if they are soft its V1 if they have a clicky feel to them then its V2. If you want to dig a little deeper and make sure remove the 6 screws and on the top right where the sd card is situated you will see the words V2.0 or on v1.0 there is no marking on the board.

The difference between V1 & V2 the new version of Bittboy

1. Changed the screen

2. Changed the button color for (Asian markets only)

3. Changed the button scan code sequence

4. Changed 4bit. Can directly install cfw

5. Can dual boot system.

Internal Improvements

1.CPU is now consistent

2. The battery is consistent

3. No lr

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