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At any time you can save the video you have or upload it to YouTube. 4. It’s Responsive 5. Watch videos in any view 6. Creative Video No need to go anywhere else. Just create and upload your videos in seconds. Upload your videos in minutes and watch them on any device. View your video on any kind of devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows. 7. Make Videos Different With this Video Maker, you can create short animation videos in a few minutes and share it anywhere with any social channel. 8. Free Trial It’s free to get an in-depth trial of this software. You can create short video clips with stunning effects. 9. Rich Content It has a vast number of features for the users who love videos. 10. Optimize your videos Video Maker makes your videos look excellent and sounds awesome too. 11. Optimize your videos With this software, you can upload your videos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp. Download Free Video Maker Using Video Maker, you can create a few videos in a few minutes. So why wait, let’s try this video tool now.By now, you’ve likely heard about British Transport Police officer, Stuart Outten, who stepped in to help a man in need on the London Underground. When an emergency call came in from a distressed woman on a British Rail (aka “London Underground”) train, Outten quickly got off the platform and located the passenger, helped her get safely off the train, and found a police officer at an adjacent station who dispatched an ambulance. But what happened next is much more unusual. After getting the woman off the train, Outten began to help her make her way back to the platform, only to encounter a trio of men who tried to grab the woman from him. So Outten took the situation into his own hands and drew his baton, striking one of the men, “milling” (or knocking him to the ground) the other two. The woman is now safe with the London Ambulance Service. According to the story Outten is sharing, the incident happened on the evening of April 12th, when he was working with his regular partner. They were on a train platform when the call




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