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GCW Zero Disassembly

Updated: May 1, 2018

Here are a few great guides to help you disassemble you gcw below video and pics tutorial below.

Click the link below



Simple guide note (optional) these are not mandatory.

1) Remove the analog stick cover

2) Also remove the SD card.

3) Remove the 4 screw cover with a needle.

4) Remove the 4 screws with a phillips screwdriver (PH00).

5) Remove the back cover starting by L or R gently be careful with the motor wires.

6) Remove the motor using a screwdriver.

7) (Optional) If you know how to solder, it's a good idea to add a JST connector to be able to plug/unplug the battery easily.

8) (Optional) solder on the GCW side i used thermal shrink on the battery side.

9) (Optional) Remove the switch Push the switch cover from the inside using a screwdriver.

10) Remove the L/R switch stand.

11) It's time to remove the remaining screws from the motherboard.

12) Lift the grey borders up And down to remove.

13) (Optional) disconnect the screen.


You don't need to remove the power slider at all (in fact, you'll probably just end up breaking it).

What you should do to remove the board is:

* Remove the joystick cap * Remove all screws * Unseat the speakers, L and R buttons, and the haptic motor (very carefully) * Disconnect the LCD ribbon cable * Starting from the top and going counter-clockwize, lift the middle section of the plastic housing so that it separates from the front housing bit by bit. Continue until you are able to lift the PCB along with it. Once the top section as well as the USB connector on the bottom have been cleared, lift the PCB towards the right and it should slide right out. Be sure to free the ribbon cable.

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