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GPD Win2 Third Cooling Mod

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

Fancy adding the 3rd gen fan mod to your gpd win 2 to get that extra cooling and fps well check out the video below.

Cooling Mod Temperature Test =========================== Type 7w 12w 12w(Charg) =========================== Original 65℃ 82℃ 90℃ Aluminum 56℃ 70℃ 76℃ Copper 50℃ 64℃ 69℃ PS: All test ambient temperature is 20~22℃

Why Make A Third Cooling Mod

GPD Win2 is the best Win10 handheld game console you can get right now. The official default thermal design power is 7w TDP, but if you want to get the best performance of Win2, you need use 12w TDP to run it. But CPU will be very hot when use 12w TDP, so I redesigned a cooling module to replace the original cooling module, make you can run for a long time with 12w TPD, and CPU also can get very low temperature.Also you can get lower back shell temperature that make your game feel better.

Indiegogo page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gpd-win2-third-cooling-mod--2#/

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