RG-350 v1.5 BASE_231019 Firmware

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

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RG-350_v1.5_BASE_231019 Firmware

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Download here https://rs97.bitgala.xyz/RG-350/Latest%20Firmware/RG-350_BASE_v1.5_231019.img.7z



1*Remove the internal sd card make sure you completely wipe it inc all the partitions

2*flash using your fav app system32 or etcher

3*Then finally extend the ext4 partition with diskgenius or any other partition tool and your be good to go.

Changelog v1.5_BASE 23/10/19

*New stable updates

*Linkdev (joystick drive) joins L2, R2, L3, R3

*Join hardware BGR switch

*Hardware stretching to bicubic algorithm

*Join the midi driver

*[!] Power + L1 switches to forced rocker mode, this mode is still in the trial phase, deadzone has not been completed, may not be very good

*Fixed SUSPEND regression (JBDoge comment)

*Replaced new fba with 180 rotation to play vertical games properly thanks to wanguangming..

*New picodrive v1.93 replaced fixes by tony-Jih

*New psx emulator pcsx4all_sauce_20191022 version.

*New emulator scummvm added.

*New emulator Vice c64

*New app glutexo edit txt files

*New app ffplay video player

*New app gmu mp3 player


*apps= aplications copy to /media/data/apps

*emulators= tested emulators copy to /media/data/apps

*games= games that require no additional data copy to /media/data/apps

*ports= ports that require additional data in folders copy to /media/data/apps

required data files and locations for ports see below (note locations local or .local) Downloads here https://rs97.bitgala.xyz/RG-350/localpack/

*bermudasyndrome.opk copy data to (local/home/.bermudasyndrome)

*cannonball.opk copy files to (local/home/.cannonball/roms)

*devilutionx-rg350.opk copy diabdat.mpq to (.local/share/diasurgical/devilution/diabdat.mpq)

*ecwolf.opk copy data file to (local/home/.ecwolf)

*eduke32.opk copy duke3d.grp to local/home/.eduke32

*hexen2.opk copy data1 to (local/home/.hexen2/data1)

*Quake-1.0-GCWZero-gles1.opk copy id1 to (.local/home/data/Quake/id1)

*REminiscence.opk copy data to (local/home/.REminiscence/data)

*shadow-warior.opk copy sw.grp to (local/home/.jfsw)

*Quake 3 Arena.opk pak files for Quake3 live under /usr/local/home/.q3a/baseq3/

*SDL Quake 2.opk IF YOU HAVE PLAYED QUAKE2 BEFORE YOU NEED TO DELETE .quake2/baseq2/config.cfg To add the full version Quake2-1.1-GCWZero-gles1.opk copy baseq2 to (.local/home/data/Quake2/baseq2) MUST BE LOWER CASE

Changelog v1.4_BASE 12/10/19

*Removed all games clean image with latest updates below (OPK PACK) Provided so user can install what they like simply copy them to sdcard/APPS folder.

*Updated PSX4all "Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience."

*Fixed right analog dead zone

*Fixed low battery led isn't working on some consoles

*Fixed random slowdown / on crash some consoles

*Fixed default.png crash on GMenu2x wallpapers

*Adjust joystick dead-zone

changelog v1.3 09/10/19

*fixed slow down in vmlinuz.bin

*fixed joystick flat value in vmlinuz.bin

*New psx4all fixed gameblabla fixed the issues in games with Dualshock enabled

changelog v1.2 07/10/19

*Fixed psx4all now can use analogue stick in games

*created folders so you know where to put the data files for some ports

*New game abbaye.opk

*New game Hexxen2.opk

*New game Fade to black.opk

*New game BarbieSA.opk

*New game C-dogsSDL.opk

*New game Gannatsu Portable.opk

*New game Ginas Retrun.opk

*New game Hydra Castle.opk

*New game Kobo Deluxe.opk

*New game Last Mission.opk

*New game Liero.opk

*New game Meritous.opk

*New game Meteroid3d.opk

*New game Nanobounce.opk

*New game Ri-Li.opk

*New game Road Fighter.opk

*New game SRB2.opk

*New game Stransball2.opk

*New game Shisen-Seki.opk

*New game Sparktak chess

*New game Sqrxz.opk

*New game Sqrxz2.opk

*New game Sqrxz3.opk

*New game Sqrxz4.opk

*New game Vectoroids.opk

*New game Wetspot.opk

*New game Xump.opk

changelog v1.1 04/10/19

*Image size now 1.24gb zipped & 1.83GB unzipped :)

*added cannonball.opk

*added chocolatedoom.opk

*added digger.opk

*added ecwolf.opk

*added eduke32.opk

*added quake_1.0_gles1.opk

*added REminiscence.opk

*added tileworld.opk

*added uae4all.opk

changelog v1.0 29/09/19

*screen off now working set the time the screen will sleep

*kernel update now support cpu profiles

*performance.opk cpu profiles set your cpu profiles

thanks to team below







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