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OpenDingux Rescue Disc v0.3 guide.

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

This CD-Rom or usb stick can be used to reflash a GCW-Zero through USB, & from any computer with a CD-Rom drive. If your device is bricked or don’t start this should fix it or if you just want to swap out for a bigger sd card this will reload the software back on your device.

How to: 1 -Burn this iso to a CD-Rom, or write it to a USB stick using Rufus https://rufus.akeo.ie/ remember to select the option make it bootable. 2 -Reboot your computer, and from the BIOS, boot from the CD-Rom or the USB stick (just like with Linux or Windows installation CDs) 3 -Start the gcw-zero in USB boot mode by (select+hold powerslider up) and connect the usb cable.

4 -Follow the on screen instructions,

5 -Press space bar to confirm your selections.

If your Zero is bricked, it is advised that you first try to only flash the system partition, as this (hopefully) will not trash your data. If after that, the Zero still refuses to boot, do a full reflash.

This CD-Rom or ubs stick will flash the 2014-04-27 release of OpenDingux.

Download: http://gcw-zero.com/files/opendingux-rescue-cd-v0.3.iso Changes since v0.2: Now flashes May 5th update with corruption bug fixed Changes since v0.1: Fixed flashing of prototypes (thanks Harteex).

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