(Buying guide) what to look for in RS-97 today for useless firmware install.

Ok so now we have at least 5 revisions of the rs97 handheld below i have made a buying guide for the most compatible devices to use the useless firmwares they are as follows below.


The very first units if you can find one its 100% compatible with useless firmwares.

(these came with a 4gb card)


These are the most common units and are also fully compatible with useless firmware and the prefered units.

(these came with a 4gb card)


These were yet another revision with a different screen same 2.0 hardware wise and again fully compatible with useless firmware's some prefer the colors of the 2.0 units it's down to personal choice but once again fully compatible with useless firmware.

(these came with a 4gb or 8gb card)

V1.0S 2.0 Screen

These are the latest models which are currently out and they come in white also known to come in transparent and black cases in the wild again fully compatible with useless firmwares.

(these come with 16gb card)

V1.0S Alternative screen

These are now popping up with newer screens and there's no easy way of telling if you have one with the 2.0 screen or the newer alternative screens the only problem now is these seem to have problems with usb mounting which have been blocked so it looks like they are trying to stop usb transfers on the newer units? so i can say the V1.0S with alternative screen is the least compatible with the useless firmware until we can find a fix for usb mounting it also has a few problems with RGBA emulator.

(these come with a 16gb card)

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