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Yet another RS97 device to confuse buyers.

Someone on discord gave several photos of his RS-97, including a complete teardown of it. Even though it's a 2.1 unit according to motherboard, it contains a JZ4760B instead... And no, the 1.0S firmware is not even compatible with it sadly... So yet another screen. Just what we needed ! Sadly, he formatted the sd card that came with it so no luck. He said he ordered it from here :

Btw, the screen has nothing written on it. So it's impossible to know exactly what it is. I can't even spin a custom kernel for it if i don't know the screen i'm dealing with... The description even suggests it has 256Mb of RAM. (but then contradicts itself above by stating 128MB, go figure)

So yeah, if you own such a unit, do not format the sd card and backup it up asap. Btw, if you used the external patcher, then it still contains the necessary kernel so you should be fine.

Thanks to sauce for the post.


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