New opendingux v1.3 Firmwares Live for both RS97 OLD v2.0 & NEW v2.1 systems.

Updated: Apr 27, 2018

Hi i have repacked into v1.3 firmware all the latest updates applied including all emulators and added fixes new wallpapers and all the latest skin packs. Also please note there are two downloads one for the old rs97 v2.0 and the new rs97 v2.1 please be carful to download the correct one thank you hope this helps enjoy.

Huge thanks to Steward-Fu and Tonyjih for providing all the updated emulators with the new DMA_Fixes. And also all dingoonity forum members for providing the skins and wallpapers pack.

How to tell the differences from RS97 v2.0 & v2.1

CFW v1.3 Released for RS97 old v2.0 & RS97 new v2.1

*Important notes please make sure you use a genuine sd card class 10 and when Please make sure the sd card is formatted to fat32 32kb blocks in windows. Sometimes sd card readers can cause a problem try to change your sd card reader if you have problems.

We have renamed all the folders on the server to make is easy Internal SD Card/So these can only be flashed to internal Patched for Ext SD Loader/ So these can only be flashed to external

Compatable for v1.0 & v2.0 & v2.1 rs-97 systems.

(Easy Method 1)

if this method does not work for you try the (Advanced method 2) below.

#1) IF you already have done the rs97extloader mod, skip to step 9

#2) Make sure you have the default original firmware in the internal SD.

#3) Prepare another SD Card (size doesn't matter), format as FAT32, 32kb blocks, primary partition

#4) Download

#5) Extract the zip in step 4 into the SD card you prepared at step 3

#6) Insert the SD card from step 5 into the RS-97's GBA cart/sd slot

#7) Turn on RS97 and go to file browser and navigate to external sd

#8) Run "install.dge"

#9) Prepare your SD card that you are going to use for your CFW. Format as FAT32, 32kb block size, primary partition

#10) Download

#11) Extract zip from step 10 to step 9

#12) Done!

Duelboot instructions

turn on the device with the opendingux sdcard INSIDE the external slot to boot to opendingux turn on the device with the opendingux sdcard OUT the external slot to boot to stock firmware.

(Advanced Method 2)

if this method does not work for you try the (easy method 1) above.

1-first you start with your original stock 4GB SD in your internal slot.

2-Then on a normal sdcard formated as FAT32, you unzip rs97extloader-0.91

3-Then insert that sdcard where you unziped rs97extloader into your external sd slot and run "install.dge" using the built in file browser.

4-Then once you have run "install.dge", you don't need rs97extloader can be deleted.

5-Then you use either opendingux.v1.3_fw_mmcblk1.7z or retrogame_OGFW_20180325_mmcblk1.7z patched and use Win32Imager to write on to a new SD card.

6-Then extend your roms partiton if using opendingux v1.3 using mini partition tool wizzard put the ext card in your pc to do this.

7-Then you put that new SD card into the external slot and turn on your device with it.

8-It should then boot into your chosen firmware enjoy.

Downloads can be found here below

In there you will find images patched to work from the internal or external slot compatable for v1.0 & v2.0 & v2.1 systems.

Duelboot instructions

turn on the device with the opendingux sdcard INSIDE the external slot to boot to opendingux turn on the device with the opendingux sdcard OUT the external slot to boot to stock firmware/retrogame OGFW

Source Links

Changlog added to v1.3 firmware for both RS-97 old v2.0 & new v2.1

asciiportal_18-03-2018_fixed_ASCIIPortal_workaround_fix ogg library issue by convert ogg file to

chocolate_doom_18-03-2018.fixed_remapp L shoulder button to strafe-left_please_remov


dosbox_19-03-2018_fixed_display stretch issue

fba_18-03-2018_fixed_a320workaround_recompiled with SDL_HW_SURFACE for speed up

fba_gcw0_18-03-2018_fixed_workaround recompiled with SDL_HWSURFACE for speed up

fceux_18--3-2018.fixed_all video scalers don't display correctly except original

gmenu2x_18-03-2018_fixed_battery meter issue in gmenu2x


gngeo_18-03-2018_fixed_remapped button for unibios_menu_backlightbios_start+a+b+y

handy_18-03-2018handy_18-03-2018_fixed_remap key backlight=menu, L=scale, SELECT=exit 2

picodrive_19-03-2018_fixed version of picodrive, fixed double buffer & swapped XY button issue

pocketsnes_18-03-2018_Fixed_speed cap bug, and improved performance

regba_19-03-2018_updated refined version contributed by TonyJih


snes9x4d_21-03-2018_ fixed_aspect_ratio_issue

pcsx4all_02-04-2018_write framebuffer into DMA directly_fix fps miss and center screen issues





pcsx4all_04-04-2018_new_dma_write framebuffer into_directly_fix fps miss and center

screen issues_updated for DMA cache issues.


Added preview images for both FBA emulators.

New wallpapers pack and Matierial v1 skin added.

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